Mazda 3


Fully evolved and inspired by the KODO Soul of Motion design philosophy, it comes with the full range of game-changing SKYACTIV Technology, including i-Stop and i-Eloop, that delivers outstanding fuel efficiency, uncompromised driving performance and proactive safety features. Hatchback or sedan, it takes fun driving experience to a whole new level and pushes the zoom-zoom spirit ahead of the pack.

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Available Variants

SPEED with BOSE ₱1,308,000
SkyActiv R Hatch ₱1,208,000
SkyActiv V Hatch ₱978,000
SkyActiv R Sedan ₱1,205,000
SkyActiv V Sedan ₱975,000

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P 975,000

+ 4 more variants

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Model photos and information are sourced from the manufacturer's Philippines site.