Volkswagen Beetle


More progressive. More prominent. More grown-up. The Beetle has spread its wings for the 21st century and now boasts a more self-assured road presence. Its proportions give it a far more masculine, flatter (12 mm) and wider (84 mm) appearance. Its silhouette – with an extended bonnet, a more steeply angled windscreen set further back and a flat roof line – injects it with an unprecedented dynamism, similar to that of a sporty coupé. Whereas the circular headlights, more powerfully contoured flanks and the more rounded roof transitions take their cue from the classic Beetle outline, the new Volkswagen DNA is plain to see in details such as the tail lights, the air intake underneath the bumper and the flat lines traced by the bottom edges of the bonnet and boot lid.


Available Variants

1.2 TSI MT ₱1,590,000
1.4 TSI Design AT ₱1,790,000

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P 1,590,000

+ 1 more variant

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Model photos and information courtesy of Volkswagen Philippines.