Scania G360 2016

Php 6,000,000

The G-series trucks can be configured to suit a huge range of applications – from long-haulage and distribution to the toughest off-road jobs.


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Specs Summary

Doors 2
Seats 2
Engine Type Vehicle DC13 108/360 hp
Power 360hp
Engine Type Symbol DC13 108 L01
Suspension (Front & Rear) Leaf
Price Starts at Php 6,000,000



The G360 has Engine stroke volume of 13, Power code is 360hp, Air filter clogged indicator is Electronic, Engine management system is S6, Turbocharger duty class and Powertrain oil type are Normal.

Fuel and exhaust systems

The G360 Fuel is Diesel, Fuel tank is Both Sides, Exhaust silencer execution is Cube, CAN-bus speed red/yellow/green is 500/250/250 kbit/s, Injection system is PDE, Fuel tank location is Normal and Fuel tank material is Aluminium.


The G360 has Opticruise, Ecocruise, Ecocruise and Kick down signal. Gearbox type is GRS with range and split, Gear selector position is Steering wheel and Performance modes has economy, standard and power.


The G360 has Traction control, Anti-lock brakes, Trailer brake coupling and Exhaust brake. Brake control is Pneumatic, Brake shoe width, front axle is 203 mm (8") while the Brake shoe width, rear axle is 254 mm (10").

Electrical system

The G360 has Fog lamp front, BWE control unit, Alternator charge is 100 A, Battery box execution is 140Ah-180Ah, Headlamp type is H7, Battery box execution has 140Ah-180Ah, Electrical components ground is ADR chassis grounded and Trailer electric connector is 1x15 pole.

Full Specifications

Engine stroke volume 13
Engine type, vehicle DC13 108/360 hp
Fuel Diesel
Injection system PDE
Fuel tank Both sides
Wheel, type Disc
Rim type front axle 22.5x8.25 steel
Rim diameter rear axle 22.5"
Tyre dimension rear axle 295/80 R22.5
Tyre type front axle 295/80R22.5 R S GY L
Brake control Pneumatic
ABS/EBS system 6S/6M
AEB, Advanced emergency braking Without
Exhaust brake control Manual and automatic
Suspension system, front Leaf
Suspension system, rear Leaf
Power steering gear TAS 85
Steering gear ratio 18,6:1
Steering force 70/311 92/62EEC No
Steering wheel type Normal
Speed limiter With
Speed limit second Without
Speed limitation 85 km/h
Speed limiter third Without


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Model photos and information courtesy of Scania Philippines.