About you

After earning your bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or an equivalent professional education, you have gained more than a year of relevant work experience in a technical role. You are proficient working with Javascript, HTML 5, CSS (compass/sass) and understand the concept of single page applications and communication through RESTful APIs. You are comfortable with using GIT (github) and Jira. Experience with Typescript, Angular2 and knowledge of the reactive pattern and the SOLID principles are very welcome.


The Ideal candidate should be able to:

  • Aid the designer and provide valuable UI/UX input during the design process
  • Transform UI mockups into HTML5 and Compass/Sass
  • Use version control (git, GitHub) and a project management system (JIRA)
  • Use frontend tools like npm, yarn, webpack and grunt
  • Work on an Angular project using TypeScript and can comfortably use the Observer pattern (ReactiveX) when necessary
  • Create tests to ensure quality of his/her produced code
  • Identify and match the existing coding patterns of the team



  • At least 4 years of JavaScript experience
  • 4 years of experience in object oriented programming
  • At lest 2 years of experience with Angular or React or an equivalent framework/library
  • Working knowledge of Agile methodology
  • Experience with using TypeScript, Angular2, Reactive JS is preferred
  • Preferably has an active GIT Hub account
  • Experience in any back-end language (PHP) is a plus.