Congratulations to the Honda Civic RS Turbo.

After weeks of rigorous testing, among dozens of cars, only one has risen to the top of them all. The Honda Civic RS Turbo is a masterpiece to behold, a refined concoction of power, efficiency, and superb performance. Paired with friendly pricing, the Honda Civic is poised to take over the Philippine motoring landscape.


Car of the Year

Honda Civic RS Turbo

Prepare for your heart to race again with the All-New Civic. The sporting heritage shines through with its coupe-like silhouette, low and wide stance, and even sharper bodylines. The days of eye-catching style and daring demeanor have returned. The heart and soul of the All-New Civic RS Turbo is its VTEC turbocharged engine mated to a responsive Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with paddle shifters.

Truck of the Year

Isuzu D-Max

With an exciting new exterior and first-rate safety and security features, the new Isuzu D-MAX elevates toughness and versatility to new heights. 

Category Winners


About Car of the Year


The Car of the Year Awards is given to the vehicles that emerge victorious from a comprehensive battery of qualitative and quantitative tests, armed with the best performance and superior driving experience for the consumer.

Conducted by the premier organization of motoring journalists in the Philippines, the Car of the Year Awards is the end result of the most thorough and critical consumer-oriented vehicle review process in the country. 

Established in 2004, the Car Awards Group, Inc. is the longest-running organization of motoring journalists in the country today. Since its incorporation, the group has strived to find the best vehicles in the country through independent, and comprehensive testing. CAGI’s testing and scoring process is composed of qualitative and quantitative criteria, plus other factors such as safety features and pricing compared to its competitors. The COTY-P and TOTY-P award isn’t just about who is the biggest, strongest, and fastest, but who offers the most complete package.